The Raphael Trio Chamber Music Workshop is one of the original adult chamber music programs in the United States. Established in 1982 and continuously operated and directed by Raphael Trio founding members, cellist Susan Salm and pianist Daniel Epstein, the program is recognized for its emphasis on honing chamber music rehearsal skills, attention to musical detail, and getting “under the skin” of the music – in short, in-depth chamber music study.

“What an extraordinary week! Bracing and intense, humane, and very rich in the kind of music making that is, for most of us in our workaday lives, rare and precious. I don’t know how you put this all together so that all the parts work so fluently – the inspired coaching, the fit of the ensembles, the cast of characters. Perfection — or damned close.”
Richard Kramer, pianist

“I have been attending the Raphael Trio workshop for 19 years, and have chosen it over the others I’ve attended because it gives me the most opportunity to grow in a relaxed atmosphere.  I have had the opportunity to learn a vast repertoire, and to develop extraordinary friendships.”
Nancy Dunetz, Violist, Bronx, NY

Raphael Trio Chamber Music Workshop

Musicians gather each August in the beautiful mountains of southern New Hampshire from all over the US and points as distant as Europe, Asia, and Africa. Whether coming as individuals or with a pre-formed group, all participants daily receive intensive coaching on every piece they are playing from a dedicated faculty of active chamber music professionals.

“Each year, I look forward with growing anticipation to the Raphael Trio Workshop;  that such a high quality musical opportunity can coexist with such pleasant fellowship and relaxed ambience is a wonder and a joy.”
Ashok Chandrasekhar, Pianist, Berlin, Germany

“I hope you know how much we all appreciate the effort that you and Dan put into making the music workshop a success.  Each year that I have gone has been better than the previous, and I always leave with enthusiasm to keep working on my technique and to set new goals.  You can’t ask for anything more!”
Shirley Gedeon, violinist, Burlington, VT

An extraordinarily high level of care is devoted to the organization of groups and selection of repertoire – based upon each participant’s instrumental level and ensemble experience – and participants have several months in advance of the program to practice their parts and study scores in preparation for the workshop.

“The two weeks in New Hampshire were very special again. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I realized on the day everybody left how everything turned so prosaic, as if a magic spell were lifted. Of course it is a combination of things, but mainly the intention of playing chamber music as a way of human interaction – without any other goal – really changes the atmosphere, I think. Thanks for going to all that trouble to make it possible!”
Regina Florey, Austria, coach

The exceptional facilities at the High Mowing School in Wilton, NH, provide the ideal setting and structure for the program.


Participants are housed in private rooms in attractive, comfortable dormitories. The cuisine is one of the high points of the non-musical experience! Meals are served in a spacious, recently renovated dining hall, and all food is organic, much of it from local farms and producers. There are tennis courts on campus, a swimming pool, and many lakes and hiking trails nearby.

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